"If our first struggle was that of our infancy, this last was that of our youth; and the issue of both, wisely improved, may long postpone if not forever prevent a necessity for exerting the strength of our manhood.".......James Madison


"In 1812: The Navy's War, prizewinning historian George C Daughan tells the thrilling story of how a handful of heroic captains and their stalwart crews overcame spectacular odds to lead the country to victory against the world's greatest imperial power. A stunning contribution to military and national history, "1812: The Navy's War" is the first complete account in more than a century of how the U.S. Navy rescued the fledgling nation and secured America's future. " ...... Perseus Books.

Dec 7, 2011

C-SPAN and Maine Public Radio

A couple of weeks ago C-SPAN video taped my book event at The Water Street Bookstore in Exeter, NH. You can see the equipment in the photo ready to roll. The talk will be aired on Book-TV shortly. Check their website for the times on the weekends. I'll also post the times here when I know the dates.
Yesterday I had an interview with Irwin Gratz on Maine Public Radio. Irwin is superb. The interview will air sometime next week on his show "Morning Edition". Check the listings on their website. The aired interview will only be 7 or 8 minutes but the full interview (about half an hour) will be available on their website at the same time. I'll post a link when I have it.